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about Lumie Technologies Inc.

LUMIE: Helping You Light Your World Better

Being long life and low energy consuming, LED lighting is revolutionizing how we light the world around us. However, LED lighting is naturally blue light wavelength intensive. Moreover, with research having demonstrated that artificial blue light exposure directly disrupts basic endocrine system function in the human body, Lumie Technologies developed ZeroBlue™ LED technology in order directly combat such stresses. Since developing ZeroBlue™ LED technology, Lumie Technologies has remained focused on engineering pure white light LED lighting systems for use and application in a variety of commercial and industrial sectors. These sectors include (but are in no way limited to) the automotive, rail, aerial lighting, structural lighting, and film industries. To increase market exposure and adoption of Lumie Technologies pure white light LED lighting systems, Lumie is partnering with diverse industry leaders to better distribute these innovative lighting products.

Redefining Home, Workplace & Infrastructural

Lumie Technologies is a market leading research and development company specializing in bringing to market innovative tech products which have direct personal and commercial applications. Founded in 2012, Lumie Technologies has a proud history of taking innovative concepts and transforming these into marketable products. Since 2012, Lumie developed products have subsequently helped pave the way for important advances in Commercial LED Lighting, Fiber Optic Cabling, Computer Security, Horticultural Lighting, Light Towers, and ZeroBlue Technology.

As part of Lumie’s commitment to pioneering research and development of products with immediate real-world applications, one of Lumie Technologies first major R&D successes concerned the development of reduced blue light LED technologies. ZeroBlue™ technology has since been adopted as the LED lighting standard for a range of pioneering light therapy devices used by medical professionals around the world.

Pure White Light Technology

ZeroBlue™ is a pure cool white 4000k light equipped with NEMA photocells, producing 90 lumens/watt making it eligible for rebate programs. Each bulb has a life of 130,000 hours; its long term life makes ZeroBlue™ the perfect reliable choice for Municipal placement.

It is an entirely unique solution to a new and increasingly pervasive urban problem — excessive exposure to blue light; an issue that possess significant health risks, a reduction in productive man hours impacting local economy and the effective learning of school aged children. The choice of ZeroBlue™ over blue-rich LEDs for night use is one that will impact not only your populace but the health of your entire local ecology.